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Please make Dolly Parton's top five album Heartbreak Express from 1982 available digitally. This glaring omission from her digital catalog features the title hit, "Single Women" and her superlative versions of "My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy" and "Release Me."

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Heartbreak Express
Single Women
My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy
As Much As Always
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?
Release Me
Barbara On Your Mind
Act Like A Fool
Prime Of Our Love
Hollywood Potters

Great suggestion! We're putting it up for a vote!

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Sony please release the digital booklet!

Please do release "Heartbreak Express" as I have waited for years and years for it. It is one of Dolly's best and unfortunately often one of her most forgotten.
Can't wait for this! One of my all time favorite Dolly albums. Thank you!
Looking forward to this release
Would love an update as to when to expect a release. Originally it was June 11th but now we are waiting for new date. Thanks so much!
Please release the digital booklet as well!!