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Backed by ace session musicians, such as Nicky Hopkins, Hugh McCracken and George Small, Graham Parker’s “Another Grey Area” is his first album without the rocking Rumours. It’s also a slight move away from his classic punk/pub-rock sound to something slicker and more commercial sounding. Veteran producer Jack Douglas (Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, and Patti Smith) was tasked with giving Graham a pop sheen missing from his previous albums. This meant less guitar and less rawness, but more electric keyboards and horns. Much maligned upon its release, “Another Grey Area” holds up very well. After all, this is still a Graham Parker record, thus the lyrics/vocals remain as angry and bitter as ever.

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Temporary Beauty

Another Grey Area

No More Excuses

Dark Side Of The Bright Lights

Can’t Waste A Minute

Big Fat Zero

You Hit The Spot

It’s All Worth Nothing Alone

Crying For Attention

Thankless Task

Fear Not